Ismail Zein El Dine

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. I am Ismail Zen El Dine, the Chief Executive Officer.

Zein El Dine International Limited Liability CO. achieved another year of success, representing the strength of our winning tactics. We strive to solve complex challenges related to the beauty industry in order to build a premium quality service company. This persistence has been apparent since the advent of our business.

The ethics that we follow are personified in the day to day services that we provide. Our team member’s display virtuous and candid behaviour and offer impartial and identical conduct in our hale and hearty workspace. We believe in keeping our workplace calm and peaceful, as we believe such an environment would be beneficial for better engagement between the team members and our clients.

I have been always blessed to watch the resourcefulness put into the job by our people. The outstanding values that they bring in are the reason why our venture has evolved to be the best in the industry. They have always exhibited exceptional customer service to those clients who trust us to carry out the promises that we offer.

We now proudly and honestly look forward to the future to witness our next stage of growth. The passion to always remain as the best in the industry is still alive in all our fluid of life. This is Zein El Dine International Limited Liability CO.

On behalf of Zein El Dine International Limited Liability CO., I invite you all with open arms to discover our website and to learn more about all the services that we have to offer. I am sure you will find something that meets your taste.

Ismail Zein El Dine, CEO and Chairman of the board

Nourishing your inner glow

Fearless Beauty

Beauty yearns to glow. It grows in the soil of confidence and shines through your essence and it has been this way throughout time.

Take a look back, 20, 30 or even 200 years ago and you’ll learn something profound: Japanese beauty has always influenced what it means to be beautiful. Look everywhere around you, and you’ll see traditional Japanese colors and designs inspired by the the Haori.

At Majestic Beauty we continue that evolution of Japanese beauty by helping you found your inner glow. Many say we are the best and most pristine Salon around. We certainly aim to leave all our clients feeling that way. As a testament to that, our Japanese made products are sold in 8 different countries.

We always take the time to speak to our clients so that can understand what you need to leave you feeling beautiful. Zed International spends its time to personalize all our offerings to your needs so that you can display your majestic individuality to the world.

When sophistication meets class

Flawless Fashion

Zed International got into fashion for a very simple reason: It can be hard to find good attire to wear all the time.

We connect you to the finest fashion from around the world, making sure you look the best you can all the time. As experts in fashion, we know exactly what you need

Our products are made in Spain to make sure that you receive the highest quality designers making your clothes with the richest fabric.

We know how important quality is to you, so we never compromise on quality. Our brand is for global business people, entrepreneurs and for people that appreciate the finer things in life.

Not only do we provide you with the finest products, but also you join a network of business members at VIPBillionaires. You get to nurture networks and build business relationships through this club making sure you always on top of the game.

Furthermore, our networks goes beyond pure business relationships. We own a model agency in Dubai that can showcase a variety of our products. We also host huge fashion events showing our commitment to the latest trends.

To keep such high fashion standards, we produce the best quality for clients all the time – so that they can inspire others.

Delivering world class IT solutions

First-Class IT

The most important decision you will make is choosing the right IT company for your business.

ZedInternational has been serving our clients for the longest time and here is why:

  • We always understand your needs and have experts to help as well.
  • Quality is the epitome of the products which we offer.
  • Delivering with agility is part of our core values.

Furthermore, our diverse range of skills, expertise and geographical spread creates a synergy that always results in a quality end-product.

Our IT offices in Japan, Vietnam and India houses an impressive 55 employees with a diverse set of skills. It’s a one stop shop for everything IT related, as we have designers, engineers and IT gurus that can meet your every need.

We offer an end to end solution from understanding your audience to implementation of the IT Solution. This tailored approach cuts across all our services which include:

  • Web application design and development services.
  • Mobile application services.
  • Digital Marketing services.

Know About Our Businesses

Our Businesses

We hold our businesses in several countries, such as- Japan, UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Our Director will himself come to meet you directly.

If you want to connect with our Corporation and Franchises that we are managing, feel free to communicate with us.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any questions

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Japan, Nagoya shi, Nakamura-ku, Meiekiminami 3-3-21 BIAN CASA Kakomachi 2F

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5,000,000 USD

CEO and Chairman of The Board :
Ismail Zein El Dine (イスマイルゼンイルディーン)

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