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to the sustainable future

Guiding you to the future you shine in

Business is based on people, information and connections

For a long time it has been said that "the basis of business is people, things and money". However, with the rapid changes in our society, the way we do business is changing dramatically. We now believe that the basis of business is "people”, “information” and “connections".  The key to business success, or in other words, “to the future you shine in”, is to develop these three elements efficiently, dynamically, strategically, organically and sustainably.
Our goal and mission at Zein El Dine International Holdings is to present a platform for the development of these basic elements of business: people, information and connections, and to provide solid support for this foundation.


Investing for sustainable future

Zein El Dine International Holdings invests for a sustainable future. And when we say invest, we don't just mean money. At Zein El Dine International, we recognise that “people” and “connections” are just as important, if not more so, for success. By investing what is needed where they are needed, in the best way and at the best time, a small idea, a single ambition, a little thought can blossom into a big success. Business and companies, just like people, go through a number of stages: birth, growth, encounter, maturity and stability.  At Zein El Dine International, we are here to help you achieve and sustain your business success by providing the right support at each stage.

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Strong footholds in Frontier World

Until recently, the world has been driven by the West. As mature Western societies become stagnant and, in human terms, decrepit, there is no doubt that the energy of frontier markets will be the driving force of the world in the future. For the Japanese, and conversely for those in the frontier world, we are still very much distant countries. Japanese cars and television are widely known, but beyond that Japan is still an "unknown world" or a "dreamland". The business opportunities in these untapped markets are unimaginable. On the other hand, for the Japanese, the culture and products of these countries offer a wealth of exotic attractions that they have yet to experience. Both ways, inbound and outbound, we see limitless potentials.
Zein El Dine International has strong bases in these frontier markets. Our offices are located in Dubai (UAE), Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Jaipur (India) and Jakarta (Indonesia). Our local staff in each region have business networks only locals can access, which are developing and expanding further. Only Zein El Dine International can offer you the best connections between Japan and the frontier world in terms of business, people and information.

Platform for AI, IT and innovation

In a time when AI and IT are said to be paving the way for the future, the focus of Zein El Dine International Holdings is on this field. What we must not forget is that AI and IT are useless without the "connections" between them. The core business of Zein El Dine International is to provide a platform that maximises mutual synergies through networking, connecting business to business and company to company.


diversity brings Synergy

Zein El Dine International Holdings supports more than just businesses and companies. Every business and company is made up of people and connections. Our focus is on people and connections between them too.
Zein El Dine International Holdings has a strong presence in many countries, especially in the frontier markets, which are still in their infancy, rather than the more established markets of Europe and the USA. Our strength lies in our ability to create opportunities for new ideas and innovation from the diverse cultures, customs, lifestyles and business styles of the frontier, and to act as a bridge between businesses, companies and people.

Making each person to shine is
the key to the success of business

Human resource is not just about training people or staff placement.  Our goal is to provide an organic environment where the diversity of each individual is recognised, understood and respected to create new possibilities. We provide an organic environment where people can share their skills, aspirations and visions globally and where they can achieve their full potential. We believe that the growth and success of individuals is the key to the growth of business.

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