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  • Ismail Zein El Dine

How many friends have you made in the past year?

95% of entrepreneurs go bankrupt or continue to lose money and become unsustainable within 3 years of starting their business.

You know why?

There are many reasons why starting a business does not work out well. However, there are only a few reasons for success. Today I would like to share with you my own experience of success.

My special skill is to make friends. Friends who can talk about business with, who share the same feeling with, who can help each other in times of need.

Sometimes we start a new business together.

I owe my business success to these friends.

Having a network is a business currency

Surely it is not easy to make friends who feel the same way.

What do you think?

How many like-minded friends have you made in the past year?

It's easy to start a business, but it's not as easy to get results and keep it going.

It's all about connections and having the help and support of like-minded people is essential.

Networking is one of the most important aspects of doing business.

Wherever I go, anywhere on the planet, I always try to make friends.

Keeping an eye on the local activities and connecting with people who know it well is also a great way to create more business opportunities.

Seven years ago we set up an exclusive club "VIP Billionaires" for high net worth individuals as a place to meet people and develop new networks.

The people I met there, not only online but also in person, shared their work and experiences with me, which gave me a lot of strength and motivation.

COVID19 has caused the recent economic crisis in the world.

In order to keep the economy moving, we wanted to provide a place where business owners and investors could meet and match, so we decided to open up to the public this exclusive club we started seven years ago.

It's a place where you can make like-minded friends, colleagues who can help each other in business...

This is a place where you can help people to connect with each other.

This online club generates a large number of business matches every month.

Usually the club was for members only and the annual fee was 1,000,000 yen, but for the first time, we decided to eliminate the annual fee.

This business matching app requires no annual membership fee.

You can download the app for only 4900 yen.

Please try to register VIP Billionaires App.

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