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Hito Bito Have changed the way people meet around the world, This App is about to show you people who live In your City, either Native People or Foreigners who are visiting or even lives in your City.


Our App Hito Bito is 100% safe Because Our Team works 24 Hours a day making sure All your information is being safe and private.


This App is Perfect for finding the Relationship you want.


Whenever you feel like finding a suitable companionship or date during a short trip out of town or in places like the airport or bar when alone, you can find this app very convenient and handy. All You have to do is just say Hi to Other People Around you.


So instead of sending your request through other such dating apps and wait for getting matched through the complicated algorithm match by the app service and notified.


this app lets you connect instantly with any interesting user present within your City.


We Have over one million users around the world and recently we are trying to expand more By making it free.


So why waste time? Get started immediately and chat freely within the app.

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