The Year of Tiger will see us reaching new levels and creating a brighter future

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Hi, Thank you for visiting our website, my name is Ismail Zein El Dine,

I am the CEO and chairman of Zein El Dine International Holdings, 

I am pleased to announce we met our 2021 performance targets and achieved a revenue increase of approximately 15% - all despite formidable market challenges, such as the Covid 19 CoronaVirus Two years back.

In fact, Zein El Dine International Group has been scoring double-digit growth for the past Five years, the last of which saw us making impressive progress and notching up a succession of achievements.



Ismail Zein El Dine    

Zein El Dine International Co.,Ltd

Future, innovation, challenge and power

We do not use the titles CEO or Director within the company.
This is because we believe that it is more important to express the personality and mind of the individual than to use titles and positions.
We use creative words to describe ourselves, such as knight, bulldozer, Yoda and salon goddess.
This is one example to show how we are different and unique from other companies.

In recent years, the world has been changing at a rapid pace.
AI technology is advancing and the era of AI replacing people has already begun.
No one can predict what will happen even a few years into the future. Our goal is to create an era in which AI can manage the business of every company.


5 countries in just 3 years

We're not afraid to try new things. In just three years, we have expanded our business into five countries around the world, connecting people and products. We've had our share of encounters, miracles and moments, and we're still working towards our big dreams.