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The Year of Tiger will see us reaching new levels and creating a brighter future

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Dear readers,

I am Ismail Zein El Dine, CEO and Chairman of ZED International Holdings. It is my pleasure to introduce myself and share my vision for our company.

At ZED International Holdings, we are committed to promoting sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. We understand the importance of being environmentally responsible and have been working hard to ensure that all of our group and subsidiaries are operating in a sustainable manner.

In addition, we believe in supporting small businesses and young entrepreneurs, who are the key to a bright future. We are dedicated to providing resources and support to these innovative individuals, and we are proud to be a part of their success.

As a company, we are constantly striving to make a positive impact in the world and I am excited to continue this work alongside our talented and dedicated team. Thank you for your continued support.



Ismail Zein El Dine    

Zein El Dine International Holdings

Our CEO Profile

Ismail Zein El Dine is the CEO and Chairman of ZED International Holdings and Mirai Group Japan Co., Ltd, one of the fastest growing companies in Asia. The Lebanese was born on the 28th of October, 1988. He graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands).


He moved to japan in 2013 and started his first company Ohh Fashion agency then he created VIP Billionaires and then he created Majestic Beauty, all of this happened within 3 years of his arrival to Japan, in 2016 he combined all those companies under one single Holding ZED International.


He  has since then pushed the company to dauntless victories. He is fluent in  Arabic, English, French, Dutch, and Japanese languages. 


Under his leadership, ZED International has seen unprecedented growth, becoming a leading brand and expanding its operations into new markets. Ismail has been so instrumental in developing ZED International’s unique business model, which has allowed it to thrive in an ever-changing economy.

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In 2018 Ismail decided to be involved more into Tech Business and started his company ZED Techno Solution in Japan that led to a fast expansion into Vietnam and India, 

This expansion helped ZED International to get bigger human resource and new perspective for Tech industry, 


In 2020 Ismail Decided to sell his Beauty Business and keep all his focus into Tech, 

In 2021 Ismail was able to Sell His Beauty business including his Cosmetic manufacture through Mergers and acquisitions to a major Japanese company.


He is a visionary leader who is always looking for new opportunities to grow the company. His passion for his work and dedication to his employees have made him one of the most respected CEOs in the world.

Ismail is a strong advocate for corporate social responsibility and has been active in many charitable causes. He is also a vocal supporter of environmental sustainability, and has worked to reduce ZED International footprint.


Under his guidance, ZED International has become a leader in the business and tech world with seasoned innovations and inventions that have greatly improved the world and the crypto space, setting new standards for other companies to follow. 


One of his Tech Innovations was JTS Board that is considered the first AI management system in the world, that was sold for 8 Million USD, 


Also he created several apps that have over one million downloads such as, Hito Bito, VIP Billionaires, Magel App, and Life App messenger.


That led to his latest innovations ZEDCoin and the E-Wallet ZEDPay that has a great potential for Blockchain payment solution, 


Ismail Zein El Dine is a true visionary, and there is no doubt that he will continue to lead ZED International to new heights in the years to come.

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