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Zein El Dine International Holdings is a holding company, a parent business entity that doesn’t manufacture products, sell services, or conduct business operations directly but we hold the controlling stock in the subsidiary operating companies that actually do manufacture, sell, or otherwise conduct businesses.

Our subsidiary businesses are focused on growing industries for the sustainable future, such as IT, AI, global marketing and human resources.  We integrate effectively all of our group businesses one another to create unmistakable synergy.


Mirai Group Japan Co., Ltd

The perfect international marketing support

The basic strategy of global marketing is to develop new markets and to identify or produce new products and services. It is then necessary to diversify markets and segment products and services to match the different consumer groups in diverse markets. We offer our clients and partners the perfect support, advice and consultancy to ensure the success of these strategies.

Significant cost savings are achieved as there is no need to expand the product, the parametric series, the scale of production and marketing, or all elements of the marketing mix (product, sales, price, promotion policy).

Mirai Group Japan (Beirut)

Lebanese subsidiary of Mirai Group Japan

Lebanon is a country in the Middle East, facing the Mediterranean Sea, with a completely different language, culture, religion, ethnicity and business practices from those of Japan, but located between Europe and the Middle East, it has long been a strategically important base.

It is where our CEO, Ismail comes from, and we have a strong business network here that is unrivalled.

Together with Dubai, we have a strong foothold in the Middle East.


ZED international - FZCO (Dubai)

ZED International's UAE base

Over the last few decades, the United Arab Emirates has become a country with a strong international presence. It has opened its doors to the world. Dubai, in particular, has become a centre for international business.

Having grown as a business hub, Dubai is now planning to become a hub of innovation and ideas.

Zein El Dine International is based in the Free Zone in Dubai, bridging businesses in a global hotspot for the companies and entrepreneurs who are creating the future.

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Zein El Dine international (Ho Chi Minh City)

Vietnamese subsidiary operating beauty salons, cosmetic products and IT business

IT Development

With 8 IT developers, we collaborate with group companies and partners to develop the latest technologies.

Beauty Salon

We operate the most popular beauty salons in Vietnam.

Cosmetic products

The quality of our cosmetic products from Japan is highly appreciated in Vietnam.


We work together with the group companies of Zeneldine International to create synergies not only in terms of products and services but also in terms of human resources.

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Zein El Dine Techno Solutions

IT/Digital and communications

Selected professionals provide a wide range of services to companies looking to maintain a significant presence in their industry. Depending on the client's needs, we can provide basic or advanced IT services. It is important that you get quality services from the most professional IT company, not a budget one.

Designing applications that benefit the client, the consumer and the global economy is one of the main roles of the IT company. In many cases, it builds applications that set their clients apart from their competitors while increasing productivity. We have an excellent resource of specialist software developers, programmers, database administrators and borderless designers who can develop relevant applications. Our IT company can create applications that are relevant to the client's business and contribute to the overall growth of the client.

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